Health care insurance coverage for owners, employees, and dependents

Employee and supplemental health care solutions for every situation

Employer-sponsored health coverage is the norm for a majority of Americans. As a business owner, you have to balance that expectation and responsibility with coverage that’s healthy for your bottom line. Our specialized experts take the time to understand your business and provide the best products. Then, we offer value-added services and valued guidance from a team that’s always available. Request a quote now, or contact us for more information on your insurance needs.

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Employee Health Care Plans
  • Fee-for-service plan
  • Health maintenance organization (HMO)
  • Preferred provider organization (PPO)
  • Self-funded
  • Limited medical
  • Point of service (POS)
Supplemental Benefits

Dental—Costs to keep teeth healthy can be significant, especially with older people. We’ll help find a plan that keeps you and your employees smiling.

Life—It’s smart to offer additional peace of mind. A policy (term life or whole life) can be selected with premiums your people can live with.

Disability—The financial consequences of becoming disabled can be devastating. Insurance is one way to protect your employees from the worst-case scenario.

Vision—This wellness benefit helps reduce the costs for routine, preventive eye care such as eye exams, eyewear, and other services.

Accident—If an employee is injured, this benefit helps compensate for lost income or provide cash to cover deductibles, copays, meals, parking, or other expenses.

Cancer—This coverage kicks in when medical expenses are more than health insurance covers, which is especially comforting for employees with a family history of cancer.

Critical Illness—Costs of some medical conditions are unpredictable. Insurance can cover the expenses associated with cancer, heart attack, stroke or organ transplants.

Data Trumps Intuition - Strategic Planning

Negotiation—the art of using any and all resources to drive down your cost

Benchmarking—we utilize national benchmarking to show you how you compare to other organizations of like size and demographics

Plan Analytics—allow your employees to find out which plan makes the most sense for their family

Wellness Tools—newsletters, programs, cost containment

Claims Analytics—know where your claims are coming from and which plan designs and wellness programs to target for bottom line savings

Compliance Tools and Assistance—timely updates on legislative changes, tax law changes, and health care reform

Education and Communication—benefits are seen as a benefit only when communicated effectively