Testimonials for The Insurance Center

Local insurance agents making a real difference

The biggest difference of securing insurance with The Insurance Center is our personalized service, so we truly care what people think of us. We understand our responsibility of supplying the right insurance for the right person, people, or business. When we create the correct customized policies for that unique situation, then we’ll be truly appreciated. And valued.

“I was referred to Tom by my accountant and another business associate. Our first scheduled appointment was on a weekend when his office was closed. He has always gone out of his way to help me.”
Will M (Tomahawk, WI).

“Jeff and his team have went above and beyond in helping our company grow in several locations throughout the United States. They have done an outstanding job in assisting with plan designs and negotiating renewals to help control health care costs. They have also done an excellent job in employee educational meetings at all locations and assisting our employees with any health care claims questions or issues they may have.”
Connie M (Vice President of Human Resources).

“Jesse, as always, a pleasure working with you! You get things done, and efficiently! We’ll be having you look at our other policies soon.”
Jeremiah Q (Quick Technologies LLC).

“The value of real customer service, and genuine honesty, has been lost in our society of automated phones, internet, and fancy vague promotion advertising that really says nothing definitive and makes many promises that always have a disclaimer and never end up being fulfilled! It’s wonderful to have found a real person, delivering real customer service; honestly answering questions and explaining everything, even the disclaimers; especially in the insurance business.”
Scott B.