Individual Health Insurance Plans

Protect yourself and your family with affordable health insurance

Insurance can seem complicated, so we try to simplify it at every step. We want to make sure you feel completely confident and comfortable about your choices. Our local agents take the time to understand your unique personal situation and your life goals.

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Individual Health Insurance

Health insurance helps with:

  • Injury caused by an accident
  • Outpatient surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Intensive care
  • Extended care

For people who don’t get health coverage through their employer or another group, finding coverage can be frustrating. Don’t let that challenge prevent you from getting the coverage you need. The Insurance Center offers many individual health insurance solutions so you don’t have to worry if you develop a serious illness or suffer an injury.

Life Insurance

Life insurance helps your family:

  • Protect their dreams
  • Keep living comfortably
  • Pay the mortgage, debts, taxes, and other expenses
  • Create a college fund

A sudden loss of income adds to an already difficult situation. We help cover short- or long-term needs through various insurance solutions: Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance. Start the conversation with your friendly agent at The Insurance Center.

Supplemental Medical Insurance

Supplemental medical insurance helps if you experience:

  • Accident—If you’re injured, this benefit helps compensate you for lost income or provides cash to cover deductibles, copays, meals, parking, or other expenses.
  • Sickness—When unexpected illness strikes, this coverage means you won’t have to worry about missing work or related expenses. Make sure your insurance is healthy.
  • Cancer—This coverage kicks in when your medical expenses exceed what health insurance covers, which is especially comforting if you have a family history of cancer.
  • Critical Illness—A serious health condition can hit when you least expect it. Be ready with insurance to help get you healthy again. It can make all the difference as you recover.
  • Dental—Costs to keep teeth healthy can be significant, especially as you grow older. We’ll help find a plan that keeps you smiling.
  • Disability—The financial consequences of becoming disabled can be devastating. Insurance is one way to protect you from the worst-case scenario.
  • Health—If you don’t have an individual health plan, consider supplemental medical coverage.
Financial Planning
  • IRAs—Individual Retirement Accounts were established by the federal government to encourage people to save for their retirement by providing a variety of tax advantages.
  • Traditional IRA—Contributions up to $4,000 annually may be deductible. There are also larger age 50 and over catch-up amounts.
  • Roth IRA—For many people, a Roth IRA may offer greater tax savings and withdrawal flexibility than a traditional IRA. Eligibility depends on income.
  • Simple IRA—Simple IRA plans are retirement vehicles, maintained on a calendar year basis, for small employers (no more than 100 employees earning at least $5,000 for the preceding year), which permits contributions under a qualified salary reduction agreement.
  • Annuities—Annuities can provide a series of payments that typically start at retirement and continue for the rest of the contract owner’s life. Retirement income payments can begin immediately with the purchase of an annuity or be deferred to some time in the future.
  • 401(k)—A 401(k) plan allows you to postpone receiving a portion of your salary until you retire. You choose the amount of income you’d like to “send to the future,” or defer annually.
  • Long-Term Care—Long-term care is typically not covered by your health plan or disability coverage. Medicaid does cover long-term care, but only after you have used up your assets paying for care.

Financial planning is essential to securing a level of comfort for you and your family when you retire. The most important steps to a happy retirement are saving and investing your money. We can help you plan for your retirement years with a wide variety of investment vehicles and insurance solutions.